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Once Upon A Time.

You probably didn’t know it. But The Jazz Lizards composed the soundtrack to the lazy afternoons on Mount Olympus. As the gods drank their wine, the band played on. Later, the group’s songs spun as servants ushered Cleopatra through her city’s streets, petting her cat. And as the Mad Hatter poured tea for Alice, The Jazz Lizards swayed. With each effervescent afternoon, with each stumbling host or hostess, The Jazz Lizards share their songs of tribute. 


Born from the clubs and bars of Seattle, the band released their debut LP, Metamorphosis, in 2020. The songs honed by the fantastical journeys to minds of misfits and profits, alike. The fruitful 18-track album, nimble and versatile, is a common meeting spot for the band’s many eclectic members. Within it is space for myths, magic and amalgamation. It’s a place to drink wine from a thimble, whiskey from a cracked flowerpot. 


Comprised of a who’s who of Seattle jazz musicians, the Jazz Lizards is led by rooted composer and daydreaming drummer Jeremy Shanok. His talented crew includes the jaunty Jacques Willis on vibraphone, spritely Eric Verlinde on piano, pinpoint sharp Ari Joshua on guitar, steady Isaac Castillo on bass and versatile Jory Tindall and Darian Asplund on saxophones and flutes. Together, the band makes moments that, if you look carefully, have always been there throughout history.

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